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      2. 05.05.2022
        Fulong Xijiang Bridge Foshan

        Foshan Fulong Xijiang Bridge has a total length of 1770.6 meters and a main span of about 500 meters. The superstructure of the bridge is composed of approach bridge P.C. small box dyeing + main bridge cable-stayed bridge. Dyeing + concrete dyeing), the main beam of the main bridge adopts UHPC steel-concrete composite beam.

        The Fulong Xijiang Bridge in Foshan is a new construction. The whole line is constructed according to the first-class highway standard (distribution and distribution function) taking into account the urban road function. The design speed is 80 km/h and the roadbed width is 33 meters. The design speed of the whole project is 80 km/h. The bridge between Fuwan Interchange and Longchi Interchange uses eight lanes, and the rest of the road uses six lanes.