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      2. 05.05.2022
        The Macao Taipa Bridge

        Article 4 The construction cost of the Macau-Taipa Sea-Crossing Bridge is about 5.27 billion patacas, with a total construction period of 1,098 working days, and the project will be completed in January 2024. Article 4 The Macau-Taipa Sea-Crossing Bridge starts from the east side of the reclamation area A of Macau New Town, connects with the artificial island of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge port, and goes to the reclamation area E1 of the Macau New Town. The main line of the bridge is about 3.1 kilometers long, of which the sea-crossing section is about 2.9 kilometers long. There are two navigation bridges with a span of 280 meters.